HUNTER I-20 High Pop-up Sprinklers

Cost effective

A major advantage for the cranberry grower is that the Hunter 1-20 High Pop-up Sprinkler is permanently installed underground and will save the expense of installing heads in the spring and removing them in the fall. When the l-20s are not in operation they descend below ground level so bog equipment such as weed wipers, weed cutters, herbicide machines and harvesting equipment can pass over them without having to remove them or having to avoid those areas.

Hayward Y-Strainer

Hayward Y-strainerEach Hunter 1-20 HP System requires filtration on the main line. The Hayward Y-strainer offers excellent filtration at an affordable price.


Hunter I-20 High Pop-up SprinklerThe Hunter 1-20 HP is a 12" pop-up rotor sprinkler featuring full arc or adjustable arc and can be used with or without a check valve. This commercial grade sprinkler out performs traditional impact sprinkler heads that are used in the cranberry industry. It is also backed with a 5 year warranty.

We, at Hayden Manufacturing Co., Inc., have been supplying the Hunter I-20 Sprinklers to local cranberry growers over the past few years and they are very pleased with them.

Raymond St. Jacques, of Hayden Mfg., along with several others, has been attending meetings headed by the CCCGA to move this cost sharing plan forward and bring it into effect.

Hayden Mfg, Company can provide you with the Hunter I-20 HP Sprinklers and all other supplies needed for your cost sharing renovations.
Free irrigation map design with the purchase of a Hunter 1-20 system.


In the fall of 2004 the CCCGA hired the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) at CA State University to evaluate the Hunter 1-20 High Pop-up Sprinklers performance. The results were surprisingly good and found that the co- efficient of uniformity can be as high as 91% in some cases.

The results met the USDA, NRCS standards, in doing so, cranberry growers will be eligible for cost sharing of these labor saving-cost effective-high performance sprinkler heads.


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