Cranberry Dry Harvester

Darlington Cranberry Dry Harvester

For over 50 years the Darlington Cranberry Dry Harvester has been a very reliable means of harvesting cranberries in New England and abroad. It is small, agile, easy to operate and clean picking. Recently we redesigned our machine to pick today's larger crops: faster with Less bruising. The Darlington is able to pick 300 barrel per acre crops, taking a full machine width pass without over loading the conveyor. It can harvest about half of an acre per day.

Our Darlington Dry Cranberry Harvester comes complete with a service manual and a spare part repair kit

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At the front of the machine there are 6 sets of comb bars which comb through the vines, dropping the berries into the machine where they are lifted by a conveyor up to the top where they are dropped into a 1/3 barrel box or bag in the back of the machine. It is self propelled by a 5.5 hp Honda engine with a 6 to 1 reduction gear.

Our Price: $ 6,900.00

Rental price: $30.00 per /hour

Stevens comb bars are also available!


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