DARLINGTON Blueberry Harvester

Darlington low-bush blueberry harvester
Introducing the
Darlington Low-Bush
Blueberry Harvester!!!

Actually we, at Hayden Mfg. Company, have been building
these low- bush blueberry harvesters since the mid 1970s,
They are an adaptation of the Darlington Cranberry
Harvesters which were invented in 1953 and are still
manufactured and used in many different parts of the world to this day.

Our Darlington Blueberry Harvester is ideal for rough going
and adjusts to uneven terrain by a 24" revolving rubber roll. This machine comes complete wtth a maintenance manual and spare part repair kit.

It can harvest about half of an acre p«f day*

We, at Hayden Manufacturing Company Inc., have a very knowledgeable and experienced staff, with over 30 years experience, who will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can. Thank you!


At the front of this walk-behind machine there are 6 sets of comb bars which comb through the vines dropping the bluebemes into the machine where they are lifted by a bucket conveyor up to the top where they are dropped into a box in the back of the machine. It is self propelled by a 5 1/2 horsepower Honda engine with a 6 to 1 reduction gear

Our Price: S7,500.00

Rental price: $30.00 per /hour

We also carry sweep insect nets with velcro removable nets
(for easy cleaning).

Complete: $65.00
Nets only: $19.00

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