Fresh Cranberries For SaleFresh Cranberries For SaleFresh Cranberries For Sale

Boxed and delivered right to your door or send as a gift!

We are selling 5 pounds of freshly picked Cape Cod Howes Cranberries at $2.00 per pound=$10.00 per box.

We are selling 5 pounds of freshly picked Cape Cod Howes Cranberries at $2.00 per pound=$10.00 per box. We harvested these cranberries in the latter part of October of this year at our family owned cranberry bog in Rochester, Massachusetts. This type of cranberry "Howes" has the best keep time of the many varieties of cranberries and, if stored properly, will keep long after the holiday season.

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Our cranberry bog can be seen in the 1st picture & 2nd picture. In the 3rd picture & 4th picture is a Darlington Dry Cranberry Harvester which was invented in 1953. We are to sole manufacturer of this machine and are still selling them all over the world. My brother can be seen in the 5th picture lugging a cranberry filled burlap bag off the bog-luckily I was the one who had to work the camera! The berries are then loaded into 1/3 barrel / 33 pound boxes on the back of the truck which can be viewed in picture #6. After we have harvested enough cranberries for the day-they are transported to our company in West Wareham, MA where they are stored in a cool section of our building before they are sorted (seen in picture #7). In picture #8, picture #9 , & picture #10 is a Cranberry Separator.

We have been manufacturing this machine since the early 1900's and the sale price for this machine was $180.00 then. We still manufacture this cranberry separator the same way with a couple of new safety features and the current price is $8,300.00. The purpose of this machine is to sort the good (usable) berries from the bad (rotten) berries. The berries are dumped into the top bin (hopper) -they are slowly fed through by a roller near the paddle wheel blower which is constantly running thus blowing the sticks, leaves and grass out of the back of the machine. Then the cranberries fall through to a series of bounce boards in the back where they get several chances to prove themselves as being worthy for market. The good berries that bounce are sent to the front of the separator while the bad berries fall though to the boxes which are under the separator (which can be seen in picture #8 & picture #9). picture #10 shows the good berries coming out of the front of the machine & falling into a cardboard box (most people would use a front conveyor in thier cranberry sorting operation).

The end result can be seen in picture #12 - very clean & sorted cranberries! We then measure out 5 pounds of berries, package them in a 8" x 8" x 7" cardboard box and send them out to you! Order now or visit our Ebay page.  With each order of cranberries I will send a brochure manual with helpful suggestions for keeping your cranberries fresh longer.

Our company, Hayden Mfg. is located in an old cranberry screen house known as The New England Cranberry Sales Company where the Eatmor Cranberries were screened, sorted and packaged (by a weighing and sealing maching invented by father and grandfather) for market. We had relocated our business from Main Street in Wareham to this building in 1957. Our company was established in 1892 and we are proudly celebrating 119 years of supplying the cranberry industry with equipment and supplies. We also sell cranberry antiques and collectibles. All are welcome to visit us at our historic location-we would love to see you, show you around and share the history of our family tradition with you!

Please contact me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to assist you.